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Sunday #12: Gazpacho

Sunday #12: Gazpacho

You say gazpacho and for some reason I say GazpchEo. Personally, it sounds better, fancier.  Don’t get me wrong, when I mispronounce gazpchEo, I always stand to be corrected.  I finally learned to take the “E” out and now I’m told it’s less endearing. Do you ever mispronounce anything??

Summertime is always a good time to break away from using the stove. Making gazpacho is not only cool, easy, but it also uses fresh vegetables that are readily available at the farmer’s market making it one of the best summer go-tos.

Summer Saturdays are for walking to get iced coffee and then to the farmer’s market with friends.  At the market, I saw tomatoes as far as the eye could see and it inspired me to break out my culinary recipe book to make gazpacho.


I remember in class we made this dish quickly – it was the night before our summer break so everyone was itching to get out early.  Since I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant at the farmer’s market & it was 90+ degrees,  I was looking for something that was healthy, fast, cool and fun so I grabbed up some veggies.

At home I prepared the veggies – I quickly cleaned and chopped them up, that’s it – it’s that simple I swear! Isn’t it pretty?!?! Like I said it screams summer.


It’s important that the ratio of ingredients is more tomatoes than everything else.  I used a 1/2 tomato: 1/2 everything else.

Once the veggies are prepared then you throw it all in a good blender – blend until it’s thin enough to pour through a fine strainer.  Taste and season along the way.


This seems easy but I had a hard time – when I poured it into the strainer it would barely drip through so I went back and forth between blending and trying to pass it through a strainer a few times.  I remember having the same experience in school, I suppose that lesson was not learned ;).

All done.  It’s that simple & that delicious.


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