Fun Candy Stuffed S’more Marshmallows

Fun Candy Stuffed S’more Marshmallows

I’ve been making marshmallows for years. It all started when we decided to have a bonfire at our wedding and wanted to have a s’more bar for the guests. Cute right? Well let me just kill that picture now, it rained on our wedding day. RAINED. POURED. FLOODED.

So we ended up not being able to have a bonfire. I forced the event staff to pass out s’more packages to every. single. guest. because I was not going home with the 200 s’mores that I single-handedly wrapped, tied and tagged with a note.

Since then, making marshmallows has kind of been one of my happy places. My favorite fool-proof, super easy recipe for homemade marshmallows is Alton Brown’s recipe. Warning, once you have homemade marshmallows, you will never want store bought again.

Fun Candy Stuffed S'more Marshmallows

I like to make them for family events, specifically the Fourth of July. We go to CA to visit my husband’s family and I usually pack up a couple different flavors to have for making outside fireplace s’mores. My two favorite flavors are peanut butter cup, and at Christmas time, crushed candy cane.


Make it your own marshmallows: How to add in candy

Marshmallows are super easy to make your own. If you want to stuff it with chocolate candy or other heat sensitive candy make sure to freeze & chop the candy first. This will help it from melting when you quickly fold it into the hot marshmallow mixture leaving you with visible chunks of the candy in each marshmallow square.


If you want to just add a swirl of peanut butter or chocolate, you can do this after you add the marshmallow mixture into it’s prepared pan. Squirt it on top and using a tooth pick or butter knife swirl around.

If you want to add other hard candy, simply crush it up (to avoid a chipped tooth) and fold it into the hot marshmallow mixture. Just remember to have fun!

Tip: It’s easier to pop marshmallows out of a silicone pan, try using a silicone cake pan or individual ice cube trays. Prepare them with nonstick cooking spray and confectioner’s sugar using the same instructions as Alton Brown’s recipe.

Oh and just in case you were worried…

We had a s’mores bar! A few days after the wedding, with my new in-law family, we went to a park so that my nephew could watch the planes fly over and to have s’mores!

With the choice of peanut butter cups, salted caramel squares and special dark chocolate, everyone made their own yummy creation. It was pure happiness and a memory I’ll have forever.

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