Virtual Recreational Culinary Classes

Virtual Recreational Culinary Classes

Join me this year for a fun live-virtual recreational culinary class! It is a perfect way to spend time with friends, create a date night, have some family fun or just accomplish something new! My passion is to help you feel inspired and make lasting memories.

Live Full Demo from start to finish (90-120 mins).
Completely Interactive, if you’re cooking along I’ll go the pace needed for everyone to succeed.
Live Q&A
Full Grocery List sent out before the class.

For each class, I linked some tools and ingredients you will see me use in my kitchen during class here to make it easier for you.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday Night in Italy!

I’m bringing Italy to the comfort of your kitchen, you don’t even have to change out of your sweats! Disclaimer – I’m not Italian and I went to a French technique culinary school but I have been to Italy (once) and it was amazing,

I opened a bottle of Ruffino Chianti the other night and it took me back to that trip and all of my wonderful memories, that’s when I decided we need this class.

Let’s make food, drink wine and pretend we are all on an Italian vacation overlooking wine country, touring the sites of Rome and swimming in the crystal clear Amalfi.

On the menu:
– Caprese Salad with a Balsamic Reduction
– Pizza! (and homemade pizza dough)
– Tiramisu

DATE: Saturday, May 8th RESCHEDULED to June 19th
TIME: 4pm (Eastern) 90 – 120 minutes
$20 per household/zoom link!

Private Group Classes

Get together with your friends, family, or co-workers no matter where you are – meet up virtually with me for fun recreational culinary cooking class!

Live Full Demo from start to finish (90-120 mins).
Completely interactive, if you’re cooking along I’ll go the pace needed for everyone to succeed.
Live Q&A
Full Grocery List sent out before the class.

* Pick a any class from the list of offered classes on this page (old or new)
* We will work together on date and time
* $20 per person (to offset the cost of food & production, I will ask there to be a 5 person minimum) You can pay in full or I can set up a payment option for each person.

Email me Nicolestastingspoon at to set something up!

Hall of Fame

Recreational Culinary Class Reviews

“This was really fun! Loved the mustard touch. Never would have made this on my own!”

“My chopping carrots/celery was a lot easier and more controlled”

“Delicious! Learned new knife skills. Never knew the trick to even the surface for celery and will be doing that in the future. Slicing the onions was a lot easier than what I did before! This is always a favorite!

“Broccoli is my favorite green. Your tutorial was a mind blower for me.”

“I cut into them to see if they were cooked enough and they were perfect. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed it and learned something new. And it tasted delicious too.”

“It was really good! I had so much fun!”

“You were absolutely awesome. Lots of good jokes and very authentic vibes. And all while Kate was upset… rock star! My mom just said “now i’m actually excited to make it” (She’s not a huge fan of cooking.) I can’t wait until the next one!”

4 thoughts on “Virtual Recreational Culinary Classes”

  • I took the beef wellington cooking class and absolutely loved it! I initially decided to take the class because I don’t cook very often and thought it would be a good idea to have a guide for this more difficult recipe, but it also ended up being a really fun way to spend an afternoon. The class was conversational and it was easy to pop in with questions or double-checking instructions (which I did often). My wellington turned out GREAT and I’ll definitely be making the recipe again to impress my friends who think I can’t cook :).

  • I have taken three virtual classes and loved them all! I enjoy trying new recipes and I learned new tricks at each class. You gave us our ingredients list prior to class and walked us through step-by-step.

    I go way back to watching Julia Child back in the day and can’t tell you how much fun it is to master a new recipe that may seem intimidating. My husband was amazed at the delicious puff pastry fruit “pop tarts”…they are so yummy!

    Thanks so much for your patience and encouragement. Great job, Nicole!

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