24 Sundays

24 Sundays

I HAVE A NEW PROJECT for 2017!  Now that classes are over and I’m well into my externship I’ve decided to start something new.


Two Sundays a month, for an entire year, I’m going to recreate recipes out of my school recipe book (an assignment I completed showing each and every recipe we created during class – it’s rather impressive), think the movie Julie & Julia but I’m doing it with my own book of self-written recipes.


How this project will work – on two Sundays a month (24 Sundays total) I’m going to host friends and family for dinner.  It will start out with simple dishes and move into the more complex but I am also going to take into consideration the season.  There will be Instagram pictures @Nictastingspoon and a blog post on Tuesday.  Make sure to follow along!

Friends and Family how to participate: There is a calendar (on the right) that will show meals and available open seats for Sunday, my goal is to have at least one month planned in advance so you can easily add this culinary adventure to your social calendar – all the cool kids are doing it.  If you want to come just email me and let me know!

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