3 times…la tarte tatin

3 times…la tarte tatin

There has been an update!   One weekend I noticed we had so. many. apples.  And I had puff pastry in the freezer (homemade from when I was practicing for school – I was skeptical at first but it’s totally worth the effort, there is nothing store bought that compares).  I let the puff pastry thaw out in the fridge and  I decided that I was going to try the La Tarte Tatin again because as you may remember the first time was not so successful in class  and I NEEDED to try it again – a trait, for better or for worse that I can thank my family for, because we are all very competitive but in a healthy, work to get better and do it right (and win) kind of way, basically being #2 is the first loser.

Growing up, the motto around the house was “If you’re going to do it, do it right or don’t do it at all.”  I selectively used this to skip out on chores :), but it really means to try and always give it 110%.  So since I’m going back to school I’m going to try to do things better on my own time so I can improve and learn as much as possible.

So here is the step by step so you can follow along and understand why it took 3 times to get a presentable LA TARTE TATIN. Presentable being the key word – it looked pretty and tasted good but I still think it can be better…

Step 1: Make a blonde caramel (essentially melt/burn sugar to a honey color – it continues to cook as you put in the apples so the darker the caramel the more bitter it will be.


Step 2: Add in apples and butter chunks.


Step 3: Top with rolled out puff pastry


Step 4: Bake in the oven until the dough is brown and you think the caramel and apples are perfect – easier said than done.  Then flip over onto a plate.

My first try turned out like this.  My second try was not documented.

My 3rd TRY!



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