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March 2020, like many of you, overnight I turned into a working from home – stay at home mom. I found myself home with a new baby and a soon-to-be three year old. Before COVID, our daughter went to her beloved daycare, and I carried tremendous mom-guilt for not being a stay at home mom and cherishing her every single move. We have all heard “time flies” “you’ll never get this time back” and “they grow up too fast”. All true – however, I am not the stay at home mom type, never really thought I was, and I owe this pandemic for making realize I had nothing to feel guilty about, I am who I am and I love my girls to pieces, I’d die and kill for them, but we also need our space.

Here are some links I thought I’d share for when the hours are long, the days are extra-hard and we’re just counting down to bed time. These are for all of us, the working parents, the stay-at-home parents, this single parent, the weekend-visit parent, everyone.

I’m part of your village.

Amazon Associate Links (if you purchase from one of these links, I make a small percentage of the sale; I only recommend products I use or have used and highly recommend)

Kitchen Tools/ Favorite Snacks

Getting the Wiggles out in the Backyard

Rainy Day Boredom Busters

These paints are a MUST HAVE in our house, we started with the started pack and then we upgraded to the large bottles. Super fun colors, dries quickly, non-toxic, WASHABLE, and you can paint on anything (paper, rocks, pumpkins, etc) – so easy to get creative.

Other Stuff That Made Our Lives Easier

Our favorite first pillow for anyone looking to introduce a pillow to sleeping. Both girls have one and they love it.

This was an absolute lifesaver for working from home. Keeps the toddler safe when you have your eye on the computer.

Holiday Magic