Sunday #18 The Lobster….tail

One day I will make entire Lobster – Culinary School Style. In class we were taught to rip the lobster into it’s pieces before cooking. What?!? You want me to do what?!? I couldn’t believe it.  Then we were told that yes, it’s still alive even after you do that….how is that possible? If someone ripped me into pieces I would hope I would die along the way…


But it’s worth it. It allows all the pieces of lobster to cook to perfection.


Recently I was watching Chopped an they did an entire lobster, I of course was rooting for the guy who did it the same way I was taught. Do you ever watch tv shows like this and think aloud what you would do with those basket of ingredients? I do it all the time.

Okay back to lobster tail.

We were in CA and my mother-in-law mentioned lobster tail with that look on her face that read “can my culinary-school-daughter-in-law-whip-one-up”. I actually forget how it came up but for our last night in town we had had lobster tail & Chinese take out leftovers…

With the help of my 5 year-old nephew-now-6-year-old, I decided to poach the lobster tail.  I stuck skewers through the tails so that they didn’t curl up – there’s a trick of the trade.

We heated water up to poaching level (I have no idea what temperature that is but it’s when there are bubbles trying to form), dropped them in and waited…next time I do this, I’ll write down actual helpful things like time and temperature.

Bam Lobster tail!