Family Fried Chicken Night

The In-Laws came to visit this week!  I pulled some strings and got them a front row seat in the kitchen during the end of class so they could watch the action.  

This night, we worked in teams and made fried chicken, biscuits, coleslaw, chocolate chip cookies and homemade vanilla ice cream.


I broke down the whole chicken earlier in the week and this time I FINALLY got the oyster meat – well not all of it but most of it.  I sacrificed some of the other leg meat so it wasn’t perfect, but I was pretty happy with myself, I think I even let out a little cheer at my table.

The in-laws missed out on a fancy French dinner, but what they had instead hopefully made up the difference.  The kitchen atmosphere was more fun and relaxed because we were taking a break from the normal routine.

We made a buttermilk-type brine for the chicken legs and thighs.  After they soaked for a few hours we dredged them in flour.

Helpful hint to a crispy outcome: rest the chicken on a rack, skin side down to let the flour soak into the buttermilk until it is gooey. Then dump them in a pan that has oil heated up to 350 degrees (any oil with a high smoking point would work – peanut, canola, melted down Crisco…).

Note: in class we carefully laid the chicken in the pan to prevent fires and burns and I recommend this technique for at home as well.  (Dump was a poor word choice)

The biscuits were the normal run-of-the-mill butter biscuits.  And the chocolate chip cookies and ice cream – were delicious and something I had been look forward to all week.

The coleslaw was a different story.  I’m not a huge fan of a mayonnaise based coleslaw, I prefer mine to be more acidic, vinegar-y and with a punch (jalapenos, onion..something) I suppose I prefer a slaw like what you find on a taco.

Either way we made it, we being the key word.  Eric, my teammate for the night, thankfully has patience.  We put it all together, cabbage, carrots, & dressing.  I tasted it and added salt – way too much.  Eric tasted and then I suggested more vinegar, he agreed.  I added it – way too much.  We tasted it and laughed at our shenanigans, I mean how hard should this be?!   I was officially banned from adding anything else into the bowl so Eric came to the rescue and fixed it.


Overall it was a good night, the company was nice, the food was good, and we all had a fun time.

A great way to end the week.

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