Onion Soup

Stepping into class is like walking into France, except there is no smoking, baquettes or wine (unless a recipe calls for it).  Our menus and culinary terminology are taught to us in French (with an English translation, thankfully).  The first week we did the traditional French Onion Soup, or  LA SOUPE A L’OIGNON as the French call it.

Onion Soup was a good way to begin class.  It’s such a scrumptious soup without many ingredients.  The first night, it was just onion soup, the second night we added the deliciousness of croutons and cheese (Gruyere cheese to be exact, and if you haven’t tried it, you need to add it to your grocery list because it’s so good!). Side note: I also have used Gruyere in homemade mac and cheese, it’s just so tasty.

We learned knife skills, which I assume was the whole point of making onion soup two nights in a row (also to learn from mistakes the night before).  I learned how to correctly peel and slice an onion, who knew that if you cut the onion in half, it’s easier to unpeel the papery shell.  I also learned to use the root of the onion to keep it together as I sliced – something I probably never thought about before, but it makes a huge difference.

The take away from the first week would be that I can make an awesome onion soup!  Also, salt is your friend when it comes to enhancing flavor. 

After being snowed in for a couple of days, I decided to invite some friends over.  Husband had bought all the ingredients (obviously with the croutons and cheese) so I tested out my first week of school in my own kitchen and I have to IMG_2553 (1)say it was a success!

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