Phase 1 Completed – Phase 2 Starts

As Exam 3 wrapped up (yep I’m half-way done with exams!) I have improved in so many ways.  The first exam as some of you remember was a slight disaster, I ran out of time and out of ingredients costing me points.  As I finished Exam 3 I can only be proud of myself.  I was well within time and everything was done correctly (I did forget to season the potatoes but that’s a minor mistake that I caught a little too late – oops). I got my grade back and although it’s not as high as I imagined it would be – I’m still happy with it.

I think the expectations keep rising with each exam so it’s hard to know where the bar is set – but I like a good challenge, if it was easy everyone would do it.  With that said, I was only 2 points away from the highest grade given – please wait as I pat myself on the back.


Exam 3 was the finale of Phase 1 of 3.  Phew those first 18 weeks were long and short at the same time. Leaving work at 3:30 and then making the hour-long commute is becoming increasingly difficult as the weather starts to get warmer stays cold, gloomy and damp.  But I still love it and the hours fly by once I’m there.

I was asked the other day has the luster of going back to school worn off?  I thought, wow that’s a good question because I rarely have time to stop and reflect since I’m constantly moving throughout my days in a never-ending routine.  So I paused and thought about the question.  The answer is no.  I love going to class, I love being there and learning new things and I am lucky enough to have great instructors and classmates. I have a love/hate relationship with the stress that comes with studying, report writing, project doing and tests…  Yes, I am tired, and yes, I long for getting back into yoga and being home for dinner after work but I know that this is temporary and I wouldn’t change it.

So the first 18 weeks were about individual skills.  The next 18 weeks will be about teamwork.  We are set up in a more realistic restaurant-style practice.  I’ll be paired each week with a different classmate as we are given a menu to divide and conquer together.

We’re now graded on time, accuracy and plating.  Now there are “fire” times meaning we prepare our courses so that they can be completed 5 minutes before serving and then we wait until Chef J tells us it’s time for service.  It’s all new to us and we are still working out the kinks but for the first night it was pretty successful.  I will have to learn to let go of some control…

Together my partner and I made a vegetable & pesto soup appetizer and a duck breast entree (the duck came out a little rarer than one would like, but oh hey teamwork).


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