3 Day How to Cook Series


Join me for three Sundays in January to learn how to cook! I’m sure you know how to cook, but after these three classes you will be able to throw a weeknight meal together – no recipe required.

We will tackle basic knife skills, learn about the five tastes, practice time-management, talk about mother sauces and so much more. It will be a busy 3 days but plan to walk away with inspiration and confidence.

January 8, 22, and 29th all classes at 4pm.

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Join my 3 day cooking series! We will cover all the bases of theory and practice so you can feel more confident whipping up those weeknight dinners and weekend roasts.

January 8th 2023 4pm: Class 1:

Basic knife skills – how to dice/chop and cut down on food prep time (mise en place – French for having your ingredients ready or “in place”), we will make the best Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

January 22nd 2023 4pm: Class 2:

We will learn about the 5 tastes, how to season, how to pair foods together, talk about timing and internal temperatures, cooking on the stove top v. roasting in the oven. Look at how recipes are written. We will make the classic French Coq Au Vin (Chicken in Wine)- this class would probably be a little longer than 2 hours depending on pace for everyone to succeed. (Vegetarian Substitute Available)

January 29th 2023 4pm: Class 3:

How to make a roux and a classic béchamel sauce (the two most used mother sauces). Classic and easy pan sauces. Putting it all together by cooking a complete well seasoned, perfect weeknight dinner without a recipe. For this class, we would most likely focus on chicken, but depending on the comfort level of the class participants it could be “use what you love” so everyone makes something a little different that they or their family normally eat but this time made without following a recipe.

– Live Full Demo, 90-120 minutes, day 2 may be slightly longer depending on pace of the group.
– Completely Interactive – come and cook along!  Or just watch and take notes. 
– Full Grocery List and Kitchen Tools List will be provided immediately after signing up.
– Zoom Link will be provided immediately after you sign up, one link is good for the entire household (make it a family/friend event!)

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