Quiche Lorraine

IMG_2554A quick shout out to my Grandma, she’s not French but she has the same name, Lorraine. Nothing sounds more French than the typical quiche Lorraine, most notably found in the front display at a coffee shop on Saturday mornings.  Quiche is so amazingly good, there is nothing better than biting into a nice warm buttery flaky crust and a warm smooth egg that has melted cheese and some sort of breakfast meat inside.  I learned that quiche Lorraine must have Gruyere cheese (I’m so glad the French love it as much as I do) and cooked meat, either ham or bacon, or both.

Making this dish was an eye opening experience, having never attempted it before in my own home (I have a list of “order out only” dishes and this is on it).  To make the shell, we learned how to make PATE BRISEE otherwise known as “broken dough” – named because the cold butter is not suppose to be fully incorporated resulting in a more flakier than usual dough.  But I learned something even more interesting… we talked about the ever growing gluten diet fad and what gluten actually is.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat (and in lot of foods you may not realize, look it up!), that when agitated makes it more difficult for the dough to roll out, and the trick of the trade is to REST (and this is also for pizza crust – you are welcome).  Resting allows the gluten to relax and therefore it can be rolled out without springing back, so rest your dough…avoid the battle of you v. dough in the kitchen because the winner will inevitably not be you.

Okay back to Quiche Lorraine – for those of you who didn’t know (no shame, neither did I) quiche is made with an egg custard that is then poured over the cheese and meat to fill the tart shell, then baked.

This was our second type of dish and the recipes for a quiche shell and an egg custard seem to be two very important lessons for French Cuisine.  I have to say that so far, I have successfully pulled off the challenges that have come my way in class.  Someday the goal is to recreate this dish for the Husband, I think he is starting to feel left out.


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