Sanitary and Contamination Class

I just spent a week learning about bacteria.  There really isn’t much to report.  Bacteria is gross, it seems to be everywhere and it causes health problems or death.  We had a health inspector come into the give us the run down.  He used a lot of real life examples and pictures from restaurants in the DC area, and it was terrifying and disgusting – but like the rest of America I will still dine out with family and friends.

I now have a watchful eye for when I go out to eat.  I hate to admit it, sometimes ignorance is best, knowing what to look for as a possible sanitary violation in the dining room really dampers the fun of going out to eat.

We learned about e-coli (and other possible problems).  We talked about the ongoing Chipotle lawsuit.  Side note: I really hope Chipotle makes a full recovery in the eyes of the public, I really do enjoy a good burrito.

The take away is that it’s not hard to properly store food and use temperature control to keep bacteria from having a habitat that promotes growth.  I passed the test and am now I’m certified in sanitary and contamination rules for restaurant operations.

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