Sleep, Family, Friends & Exercise

All things that I once enjoyed.  Aside from the occasional nap on the metro or the run for the bus, I have placed all of these things on the back-burner – ha see what I did there, I have culinary school brain.

Sleep is really a thing of the past.  When I signed up to go back to school, I thought to myself “oh this won’t be bad, I used to work on political campaigns and that was non-stop everyday including weekends….”  I was wrong, I miss calculated how much I still slept when I worked on those campaigns, yes I was constantly planning, organizing and managing for 15 hours a day, 7 days a week but there was flexibility.  Some days were slower than others and for the most part, I moved at my own pace, if I had a late night or an early morning, I could adjust my schedule within reason to accommodate.  This is completely different, I have to report to work at 7am regardless of the night before, and class starts at 5:30pm regardless of my personal tiredness.  I usually get home around midnight and then the cycle starts over again.  Saturday and Sunday have been my sleep days but that even gets interrupted with a necessary run to Costco, homework, and the obvious catching up on TV shows – thank god for On Demand and Netflix.

Family and Friends, I hate to admit it but my relationships are, I think, beginning to suffer.  My only communication is via text message.  I don’t talk to anyone anymore, like physically call and chat.  My grandmother has even told my mother that I never call her anymore.  Honestly, I feel badly and I miss my family and friends but selfishly, I don’t have a lot of time during the week to have a lengthy conversation so I don’t see the point in starting one.  Then on the weekend, well you know what I’m doing if it’s not sleeping and again selfishly I just want some R&R in front of the TV.   I think the lesson to this story is that grandma needs to get a texting plan.

My friends still hang out, I think.  I haven’t seen them, I forget what they look lDSC_0039ike, and the only relationship I have with them is me looking at their facebook pictures to keep “in touch.”  I have the best of friends, really I do!  I’m lucky to have such a great group of girls to call my besties and I hope they remember me when I’m done with school.

Exercise – let’s face it, after a good run I feel amazing, like I can conquer the world.  But the idea of running doesn’t really do anything for me, and it’s hard to start again.  I definitely can’t figure out a way to keep it up during the week, and I’ve mastered 101 reasons why I don’t have time to on the weekends…hopefully once the weather gets warmer, and I get into an actual routine, I will be successfully able to add that back into life.  Yoga too.  I love yoga.


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