Springtime Hostess

Springtime Hostess

The city is beautiful this time of the year.  The cherry blossoms are out for just a short period of time, but they really help jump-start the springtime cheer.


Because of Easter – I had the opportunity to test out my culinary skills with The Family.  Let me tell you, this is no ordinary family – this is the pickiest, the plain-Jane, don’t-try-anything-new Family (I was like them once, but I think moving to DC really helped me climb out of that box – thankfully).  I love them, but it was a challenge.  I talked over the menu with my mom for weeks before Easter Dinner.

I wanted to do something different, so spiral ham was scratched off the list.

Beef had to be well done, so I scratch that off the list too.

Lamb, Duck, or Fish were never considered, so the list was quickly narrowed down to two choices – chicken or pork.  I picked pork chops.  

I loved the ones we made in class so I decided to re-do them for the Family (see here for that blog post).  I went to the grocery store butcher and bought all of their chops (11 to be exact).

Now what to have on the side… After talking to my grandmother, we decided on asparagus – because yum.

Then, on my own, I made the executive chef decision to have cheesy potatoes.  It goes without saying, the cheese of choice was Gruyere (I wanted the Family to step out of their comfort zone called mild cheddar).  The cheesy potatoes, were individual servings that I cut out with a biscuit cutter – it was a pretty plating idea.

I surprised them with a Lemon Tart, a buttery tart shell filled with a lemon curd and topped with swiss meringue.

Every decision was a direct result of school, so I was anxious but very excited to share it with my family.  

There it is – after much consideration, the menu is complete.  I went to the grocery store, packed up the car and headed to Grandma’s house.

It was a typical Easter, we colored eggs – with somewhat of a competition for the brightest color.  (They were later turned into deviled eggs), we searched for Easter baskets, went to church and ate a very scrumptious meal – I have to be proud of this accomplishment.  

I cooked for ten people, and it was a success.  The pickiest, plain-Jane, don’t-try-anything-new Family, tried everything I made!  They all went into dinner with an open-mind and I think everyone throughly enjoyed they meal. Obviously, some people skipped the asparagus – but that’s okay – more for me.

My cousin tried pork chops for the first time in her almost-18-years, and she ate it.  I don’t know if she’ll ever seek out a pork chop but she at least liked the one I served her. My uncle enjoyed the lemon tart even though he was hesitate to try it because he “doesn’t like lemon.”

Compliments were made all around – all that planning and worrying was it for nothing…? Someone once told me proper planning prevents a piss poor performance – so I’m glad I put in all the foot work before Easter.

So like I’ve said before – school has really improved my culinary skills.  I’m ever so excited to see what the future holds and right now I’m taking in all of these moments because I really do think some of the best memories with Family (and Friends) is over a great meal.

“No Matter Where I Serve My Guests It Seems Like They Like My Kitchen Best” 

Also an UPDATE (sort of) to Sweet Redemption: I have to give my mom a shout out for my Alice in Wonderland themed birthday cake…



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