Sunday #17 Croissants

Sunday #17 Croissants

January 30th is National Croissant Day!!  I’m sneaking this one in out of order…that’s right 17 is coming after 14 but don’t fret #15 and #16 are in the works (along with #18) – somehow I’ve been finding myself without anytime to sit down and write. But here I am playing catch up once again, and I have a backlog of stories to tell, hang on to your hat!

Late October, we drove over to Rehoboth Beach, DE. It was a busy weekend, we got together with family & friends to celebrate Halloween – it was O’s first Halloween so she was dressed up in the obligatory pumpkin – isn’t she so cute.


Rehoboth Beach has a big to-do with a Halloween parade, treats and costumes. While the parade took place, I also had the pleasure of devouring a beach favorite – Grottos pizza.

Like her dad, I think O is a little skeptical of Halloween, good thing Poppie and Mimi were having a good time.

Cute pumpkin outfits and pizza were not the reason for our visit.

The trip was planned months in advance when I heard Josh was coming to town. Chef Josh Ferris is an old friend of mine (let’s just call him family). We went through the culinary school journey at the same time, he did his on the coast of Italy, and I did mine in an industrial park in Gaithersburg MD, it’s basically the same view.

Josh is now a private chef for hire in Colorado while I’ve started to pursue food writing. Long story short, we had planned to hang out so we could play around in the kitchen together.

We decided to make croissants.  He wanted to learn, and I attended a French school, so I brought the recipe and “know how” since I did it all of one time before with the help of some very talented pastry chefs.

See anything wrong with this recipe? I wrote it myself, tore it right out of the ol’ school binder. See it?!?!


How on EARTH can we make croissants with only 2 oz of flour…. I was missing a “1” it should have said 12, twelve, a 1 and a 2…

Now that that is settled, we went to the grocery store. We didn’t just go to the grocery store, I got to ride on Josh’s motorcycle.  With my amazing riding glasses and the wind in my hair the two of us were on our way.


Once we got back to the house, we got to work. A hard day’s work that is. Croissants take all. damn. day.


We mixed the ingredients together, formed a ball and waited for it to rise. Patience.


Then we had to roll it out, fold it over, and let it rest in the fridge.  This happened over and over again taking most of the day. Patience.

This process sets the dough up to create layers of dough and butter to make them the flaky love mess that they are. We took turns. Sort of.

I took a break in the middle of the roll, fold, rest. Don’t worry Josh stayed in the kitchen to repeat the process – he wanted to learn and I wanted a margarita with chips.

When I got back it was time to finally cut them into triangles to roll into their shapes (picture the perforated Pillsbury croissants  out of a can but larger and better).


I was terrible at rolling them into the croissant shape – did I mention I’ve only done this once before? Blame the margarita. Josh rolled them into the perfect croissant shape, beginner’s luck.


They had to rest and rise again – phew it’s hard work waiting. This is the sexy before shot.


Then they went into the oven, giving Josh a break, I monitored the time and temperature so that they came out warm, buttery and flaky.

fullsizeoutput_77f6We had these croissants for dessert. But if you know me, you are well aware that I don’t believe in passing up warm buttery croissants, or any type of bread product.


It was a long but great day, I loved my time in the kitchen with Josh, and I hope we get to do it again soon.  PJ time.


Ha! Don’t worry I’ll never show you adults in PJs…only cute babies.


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