Sunday #2 Potato & Leek Soup

Sunday #2 Potato & Leek Soup

Well this project is getting off to a rocky start thanks to being sick.  After a couple week hiatus – I’m getting this back on track.  Sunday #2 was soup again.  I know not very exciting but it was delicious.

Thankfully soup is a loved dish in my household.

I made the soup the same way as I did in school but this time I added bacon…yum!

Lessons I remembered and used from Chef J  –
1. potatoes have plenty of starch and can make the soup thicker than it should leaving a gooey texture in your mouth, so they should be rinsed after they are chopped before cooking.
2. Potatoes need salt.  Salty water – salty like the ocean to cook them in and then again seasoned in the soup.
3. This soup should be thin to keep a consistent drizzle off the spoon – think tomato soup it shouldn’t be like chowder. The cream in the dish helps this but also adding water near the end before serving can help thin out soup without jeopardizing the flavor.
4. Clean the leeks!  They have many layers and dirt can get in between.  Cut off the top leaves & bottom, and then cut the leeks in half lengthwise, soak in a bowl of cold water. By agitating the bowl of cold water while they are soaking will allow the dirt to fall to the bottom of the bowl making them clean for the soup.

Speaking of leeks – this was the first time my husband saw a leek before it was cooked.  For those that don’t know what they look like:


I only use the white and light green part of the stems for this soup.  I cut them up so that the pieces are the same size so that they cook evenly in the pot of soup – but for this dish they are eventually blended into a smooth soup so knife skills for presentation is not important.

Now that the first 2 Sunday soups are over – I’m going to start doing more exciting French dishes so stay tuned! Next up is trout with a Meunière sauce and a pear tart!


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