Sunday was pork chops and mashed potatoes – a childhood favorite of mine, I wrote about that here when we made this dish in culinary school.

If anyone knows me – they know I’m a stickler for to-do lists and plans.  I also over commit a lot when I do make plans and then the day-of I usually hope something falls through so I can just stay at home.  Through this dear diary entry I have finally labeled myself as a homebody that desperately wants to be a social butterfly and sometimes just wants to do it all.  It’s a high standard to reach and I would say I’m reaching this goal 50% of the time.  On Sunday though I exceeded my own expectations.

Sunday we moved.  WE MOVED.  We packed up and moved across the city to a bigger apartment – more bedrooms and finally another bathroom.  I had also planned a 24 Sundays and I was not going to cancel or reschedule I was going to honor my commitments, and gosh darn it, it was going to be successful.


In addition to moving, I also invited 7 people dinner (myself included) – overachiever much?  This is literal – movers came at 9am and we were all moved in by 12:30 and eating at 7pm, pat on my back!  Because of my spectacular planning skills, knowing that I would be cooking out of boxes, I strategically labeled all of the boxes as we packed so that I could pull out what I needed rather than having an explosion of opened boxes.  Thankfully we had a spare bedroom off of the kitchen , I used that as a box staging area.

Friends came over, they brought drinks, chairs and their appetite.  It was a great way to break in the new place and to celebrate our move.

The pork chops and sauce came out great.  It’s one of my favorites because the sauce has both mustard and corrichons which for some reason I find to be a delicious combination.

I pan seared the pork chops to get a dark brown color and then popped them in the oven to finish cooking – nowadays you can cook pork to a medium temperature and they will be okay to eat.  In my quick shopping trip I only found pork chops that were thinner than I would have liked so they ended up being cooked just on the border of well done.

While the pork chops were in the oven I made the sauce.  Just a quick pan sauce with shallot, white wine, demi-glacé, which is just over reduced veal stock (veal stock is hard to find outside of culinary school/fancy restaurants so William Sonoma sells jars of it), Dijon mustard and corrichons.   The best part of this is you can control how mustardy you make it so the sauce is really adaptable to the taste of the chef.

The mashed potatoes were good but not great  I made wayyy more than we needed and I ended up not having enough cream so they were a little lumpy and a little off balance.  But who doesn’t love rustic potatoes?!

Oops I forgot to take pictures  – I had a lot going on so I get a free pass right?

After I rambled about how awesome I am, long story short it was all a success  we ate, watched march madness and enjoyed the company of great friends who could ask for more?

PS this pork chop dish was the star last year for Easter dinner!


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