Sunday # 9: Mother’s Day Brunch

Sunday # 9: Mother’s Day Brunch

I visited my grandmother for the weekend and had the pleasure of celebrating Mother’s Day with the special leading ladies in my life, my mom, grandmother, and great-aunt (we missed the west coast family – my mother-in-law & sister-in-law, they were celebrating at Disneyland…lucky them).

We had an almost four generations Mother’s Day and I hope next year will we get the opportunity to take the same picture with the little one.


I decided to switch it up and do a Mother’s Day Brunch.  Originally, I was going to do the proper French omelet, scrambled eggs and a soufflé, but since I had some picky eaters at the table that prefer the super dried-until-they-are-brown eggs, I decided on a quiche, bacon, biscuits, and crepes with fresh berries.

I woke up earlier than everyone else and prepared the custard for the quiche.  I wanted to “hide” some of the ingredients.  Maybe it’s the soon-to-be mom in me or the culinary school in me but I wanted them to try everything without bias and just the word “artichoke,” would have some of them push their food around the plate without actually eating it.

I prepared the quiche using this recipe.


I decided on a cheese (Parmesan and Gruyere), spinach, artichoke, onion and tomato filling. Using the 2 eggs : 1 Cup of cream ratio for quiche, I decided to double it this time. In hind-sight, I had some left over so I probably could have used 3 eggs: 1.5 Cups of cream like I did in my original recipe.


I chopped up the spinach into a rough chiffonade, small diced the onion and roughly chopped the artichoke.  I used tomatoes to add some color.  If you remove the seeds beforehand, it will make it less watery and much easier to chop.


I combined all the ingredients and poured it over the pre-baked crust.  I baked the quiche roughly 50-60 minutes until it was slightly brown on top but still fluffy and delicate on this inside.


It smelled so good when it came out of the oven and was a hit at the table.  I let them in on the secret after everyone ate :).

Another culinary school dish I made was crepes.  I served them with Nutella and macerated berries.  For the berries, I sprinkled them with orange juice, orange zest and sugar.  I let them sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours as I put together the rest of the menu letting them sweeten up on their own…yum.

To make the crepes I mixed flour, eggs, milk, vanilla and clarified butter together to create the thin batter.


Then I poured it into a preheated crepe pan and created these gems.


Lastly, I was dying for biscuits, who doesn’t love freshly baked biscuits. I made these buttermilk biscuits – thank you Sally’s Baking Addiction!


Another huge success!

I had bought ingredients for a side salad with a lemon vinaigrette but I forgot all about it until after we were done eating – oops, I guess I’ll have salads for lunch this week.

Next on the menu is a light mussels dish to kick off Memorial Day – LES MOULES “ADDIES’S  Who is ready for summer?!  I am!

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