The Egg-cellent Weekend & Cookies

It was an egg-y weekend.   We had a dozen of eggs left over from when I had family visiting that were never used and dough for a quiche in the freezer so I decided to put it all to good use.

Saturday morning, I slept in.  When I finally rolled out of bed I decided to make a quiche (let’s call it Brunch but it was really well into lunchtime by the time I ate it).  I took the dough out of the freezer on Thursday so I knew it would be defrosted on Saturday.  As the dough baked, I put together the quiche filling.  Using leftovers (I ran to the store for cheese), I made a quiche that had spinach, Canadian bacon, onion and some spices.  It was a great lunch before walking around Costco.


Sunday I made Souffle!  It was something I had been looking forward to for some time.  I came up with a recipe and I’m so glad I took the time to test it out.  The Lemon & Rosemary Souffle was so good.  It came out much better than I had expected for the first time trying at home.


Sunday night I also made cookies!  Lemon cookies.  Apparently we had a lot of lemons lying around the house too.  These cookies are the best.  They are fresh and taste like summertime.  I have been baking this recipe for years now.  These are the cookies I packaged up and sent to my very-best-friends to ask them to be my bridesmaids two years ago. After all that praise and ramble, I have to be honest and confess I did not come up with this recipe.  I found the recipe on one of my favorite blogs.


It was a good eating weekend – now to find time to run again now that the weather is nice…


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