Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day.  I’ve always really enjoyed the holiday, even when I was single it would bring a smile to my face… it’s hard to not be cheerful around reds, pinks, and whites.  It’s just a fun day to celebrate after the hectic hustle and bustle of the holiday season, not to mention one of my best childhood friends was born on this day!  Also who doesn’t love cookies with “Cupid Messages” M&M’s???

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about huge bouquets of roses, fancy boxes of chocolates and an expensive pre-fix menu dinner – by all means if that is what you like then do it!

I like to keep the day simple and fun and that is probably the reason I like it the most.  I put a lot of thought about how to celebrate with my husband but there is no stress.  We try to do something fun like a day date on the weekend around Valentine’s Day.  And then we cook dinner at home.  We make the same thing every year… this will be the 6th time we’ve done the same exact thing and I love the tradition.  We don’t exchange gifts, we just take this time to slow down and have a low key date (sometimes he surprises me with flowers too).

Some fun day date ideas:
Bowling! – a little competition is healthy.

Ice Skating! – one of my favorite but unfortunately the weather this year is not cooperating, how it is 70 degrees out?!

Hiking! – Great Falls VA/MD is a great place to stretch the legs together, especially when it’s nice outside.

Massages! – if you both like a little pampering this is a great way to relax together – it’s a little more expensive but a couples massage is always fun.

This year, I’m surprising him with our day date.  I’m doing a little extra this year to show my appreciation for all that he has done over the past year while I’ve been working and going to school, leaving him to take care of our life.

Our dinner tradition: 
I make individual beef wellingtons.

Brad makes chocolate covered strawberries (and when there is left over chocolate, he will experiment with chocolate covered bananas, Swedish fish, basically anything he can find in the pantry).



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