I live in Washington D.C. with my husband and baby daughter.  I currently work for the federal government while I explore the field of culinary arts in my spare time…

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to pursue an education in the Culinary Arts and enrolled into a Traditional French Cuisine Culinary Art School.

I earned an externship at a newly awarded Michelin Star restaurant The Dabney. It was incredible to watch the chefs work and collaborate over menus items as the menu changed almost daily and was dependent on daily produce from local farmers. I was continuously impressed with their skills and I learned a tremendous amount in such a short period of time.  I am forever grateful for my time there.

Early on I decided to blog about my Culinary Art School Journey to let my family and friends “check in” while attending classes and the rest is history… Check out those fun stories and see the pictures! 

A new passion for food writing was born.  To keep the blog interesting, in 2017 I started a new project to write about it’s called 24 Sundays – check it out!

I have goals.  The actual reason I decided to go back to school is because I would like to write about food!  Another passion of mine would be to test recipes & someday write a cookbook (there it is, the reason…I cannot deny it and if I fail the world will know…I read in a book somewhere that the first step to success is to making yourself accountable for your own ambitions – check).


Instagram: @Nictastingspoon
Twitter: @Nictastingspoon

Contact me! Nicolestastingspoon@gmail.com

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