Recreational Culinary Class – Beef Wellington with Red Wine Shallot Sauce

Recreational Culinary Class – Beef Wellington with Red Wine Shallot Sauce

Join me for a live class on Beef Wellington!

Let’s end this year with a bang! Join me this holiday season to learn how to make Beef Wellington with a red wine shallot sauce.

Beef Wellington is one of our family traditions which started when I was newly dating my now husband. After watching countless hours of Hell’s Kitchen, I was curious, how hard could this be? Right then in my little studio apartment, it took me all day, but I made my first Beef Wellington and never looked back. Since then I have tested many different recipes coming up with one that is jam packed with cozy French flavors and easy to make, I will say it takes practice, but don’t shy away, I want you to end 2020 conquering something new!

Recreational culinary classes are a lot of fun! If you’ve ever been you will know that you usually learn a recipe, eat it and drink wine. Then someone else does the dishes. Unfortunately this time you’re also on dish duty.

Class will be on Zoom – but there are perks to that too! You can stay in your comfy clothes and you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to, you’re more than welcome to join to watch, ask questions and learn as we go!

Class Details:

DATE: Sunday, December 20th
TIME: 4pm (Eastern) – end time unknown, depends on the class
COST: $15 per household/zoom link!

Live Full Demo (start to finish); there will be “TV Magic” so you don’t have to wait the entire cook time.
Completely interactive, if you’re cooking along I’ll go the pace needed for everyone to succeed.
Live Q&A through out, we can also talk about side dishes or any other holiday questions.
Full Grocery List sent out before the class
Holiday Fun!

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