The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg.

The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg.

Soft boiled eggs…who likes them? I’m not a huge fan, I love an over easy egg but I can’t get on board with the soft boiled egg. I’m sure this doesn’t make sense to the soft boiled eggs lovers, sorry.

These little buggers can be found at hotel breakfast buffets especially in Europe – they can be easily confused as hard boiled eggs since they all look the same on the outside.

Regardless, I’ve nailed the perfect soft boiled egg and now you can too! The white of the egg should be cooked but the yolk should be left runny.

What you need – eggs, a pot of boiling water (the picture does not show boiling water as it should have reoccurring bubbles on the top) and a timer.


Oh and a bowl of ice water.

It is important to leave the eggs out until they come up to room temperature or at least not fresh-out-of-the-fridge cold.

The pot of boiling water should be deep enough to cover the entire egg or eggs if you’re making more than one – which you should.  Once the pot of water is ripping bubbles you want to gently (use a spoon!) lower the egg into the water, set your timer for 6 minutes.  I kid you not, all regular eggs will take only 6 minutes! – I promise, pinky swear.

The next step is important!  Once the timer goes off you have to shock the eggs in an ice bath this stops them from cooking more leaving the yolk soft, hence the name soft boiled. Not to mention, the quick cool down will make it easier to peal the shell off which is a bonus, like I said in the hard boiled egg post, 2 birds 1 stone.


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