The Top 14 Dad-Approved Recipes

The Top 14 Dad-Approved Recipes

Father’s day weekend and we are ready to celebrate dad, grandpas, uncles, moms who are also dad, friends who love our kids like their own and all of those special dad-like people in our life. Here are the top 14 dad-approved recipes for the entire weekend!

I know a lot of great dads out there, but Brad is one of the best. He’s our favorite story-book reader, classroom volunteer, coach, imagination-fun-maker, chauffeur, and vacation-pig-protector. He makes the best Mexican food and is our in-house gardener.

He’s our guy and we love him.


Vegetable Quiche Breakfast Bagels (Customizable)
This savory creamy vegetable and cheese quiche is a dream! Add dad's favorite toppings for it to be the best breakfast bagel of all times.
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Cinnamon French Toast Crunch
Take dad back to his favorite childhood cereal and surprise him with a sweet cinnamon sugar crusted french toast!
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Green Chile Egg and Hashbrown Casserole
Make dad an egg casserole with all of the favorites, eggs, bacon, cheese and hash browns and add a little kick of sweet, spicy and smokey from the green chiles.
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green chile egg and hashbrown casserole

On the Grill

Easy Weeknight Steak Kabobs
Grill up the easiest and most delicious kabobs to celebrate dad day! Make them with steak or chicken. Skewer dad's favorite vegetables to make it extra special.
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Easy Weeknight Steak Kabobs

Grilled Bratwursts with IPA Sauerkraut
Nothing beats the classic brats and peppers. Level it up for dad and throw on some IPA infused sauerkraut.
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Balsamic Tomato Grilled Steak
A summertime favorite. Grilled steak topped with sweet burst tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic. It is a showstopper for that hard to impress dad.
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Pan Seared Salmon & Pea Basil Pesto
Grill some salmon for dad! Top it with this light summery pea basil. The recipe is for pan-seared salmon, but if you're up for it - grill it instead.
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Sides & Salads

Loaded Baked Potato Croquettes (Fried Potato Balls)
These little bite size crispy fried potato balls filled with soft creamy loaded baked potato are absolutely a must-make for dad.
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loaded baked potato croquettes feature

Summertime Fried Green Tomatoes
Make dad these crispy fried green tomatoes. Crunchy on the outside with the perfect bite of soft tart sweet green tomato on the inside. A total game changer.
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Panzanella Salad with a Reverse-Seared Steak
Impress dad with this reverse-seared steak panzanella salad. It's fresh and vibrant, with super easy and delicious summer salad ingredients.
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Other Dad-Approved Recipes

Easy Horseradish Roast Beef Sliders
If dad is a sandwich lover, this is for him! This easy crockpot recipe is slow simmered roast beef with a tangy horseradish spread, mild creamy provolone cheese served on a buttery herb sweet Hawaiian roll.
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horseradish roast beef sliders feature

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza
Deep dish pizza is so unique with unbeatable delicious flavors. This recipe lets you recreate it in an hour, complete with meatballs and fennel seeds for the perfect slice. It's truly one of my favorites!
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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Feature

Garlicky Pesto Shrimp Pasta
Garlicky pesto and shrimp pasta comes together so quickly for any busy weeknight dinner. Garlicky basil pesto tossed perfectly with the pasta and shrimp makes it an easy quick meal. Super fresh and light. 
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Creamy No-Bake Banana Pudding Pie
Brad loves dessert and when I asked him which one was his favorite, he did not hesitate. This banana pudding pie was top of his list. It takes a few hours and requires chilling time. It's easy to break up the steps and prep ahead. 100% worth the dedication.
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pie with a whipped cream top, about a quarter of the pie cut out. Surrounded by a napkin and a pie server.


Cheers to dad! 

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